Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Outcome

Well, Colorado has spoke....

And we said.... There shall be no homophobes who come out and say "Homosexuality is just like alcoholism" Yes friends... Ken Buck was defeated.  Ok, it was only 793,000 to 777,000 but still, he lost, I am happy.

And yes Hickenlooper is now Governor of Colorado, and that is good. Unfortunately, all the news is not good.

The Republicans have taken control of the House of Representatives both nationally and in Colorado.  So now, in order to get anything done statewide, or nationwide, someone has to compromise, and let's face it, politicians do not like to compromise their parties ideas.  The may compromise their morals, their personal budgets and even their own sexuality, but never their parties ideas.

So since I seem to be one of the few voices of reason out there (boy doesn't that scare you) this is what I would like to see in the next two years.  Let's break the party lines.  Let's actually look at what the legislature is, and then vote yes if it is good, and no if it is bad.  Let's work on the economy and get people back to work.  I would like to see our politicians band together and fight the drug war.  Let's really work at illegal immigration, not just kicking people out, but seeing what we can do to prevent it in the first place, and then help those that are really trying to better themselves.  Let's give actual hope to the underprivileged.  We don't need to just throw money at them, we need to teach them how to better themselves.  Let's take back our schools, and actually teach the youth of this nation to be responsible citizens.  In the same vein, let's hold our police forces to a higher standard.  Let's try to get back to the time when they were respected, not because they were police, but because they deserved respect.  That means they can't bully people, they can't pull people over simply because of the type of car they are driving, and we should never have another episode like Rodney King.

Let's once again make America the home of the proud.  Because right now, very few people have any reason to be proud that they are Americans.  We should be a nation that isn't forced to stand in respect for the flag, or the National Anthem, we do so because this is a great nation that we are proud of.  Or at least, that's as I see it...

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Election Day

Well, here we are at Super Tuesday. I must first make my public service announcement and say, if you haven't voted, get off your ass and go vote.

That being said, I also must say my usual there is a problem with voting for the lesser of 2 evils is that you still get evil. I don't really believe there is one person in politics now days that should be in office. I think we should throw the entire mess away, from Obama down to local dog catchers and start again. And no, I am not saying to replace them with republicans. I am saying we need to have a complete re-write. No party affiliation, nothing like that. It is time that the American population be represented by Americans. The kind of person that when they get to Washington, will actually listen to the people, and do what is wanted of them.

So, anyway, even though we are still voting for evil, get out there, and vote for that evil. Make your voice heard. Or at least, that is how I see it.