Thursday, October 28, 2010

Following the Rules

Let me just say..... I am tired of following the fucking rules.

Arvada is mad at me, because I have unlicensed vehicles in my yard.  They are not detracting from the property, as a matter of fact, 2 of them cannot even be seen unless you enter my yard.  But now I have to go to a hearing to tell them why my property isn't a nuisence.

Then to top it off, one of my neighbors has decided they have something against me.  So every Thursday I get a visit from the local police department.  The first one was to tell me I had gone onto their driveway, and looked in their garage.  I didn't, but omg,. is that the worst thing someone could do to you???  Apparently not, because today the Police came back to the house.  This time, they said I was peaking in the windows and took some bicycles. So I had the opportunity to walk through the house with an Arvada Police Officer showing him that I am not a thief.  That I do not have their fucking bicycles, and I would never steal someone's property.  Well... I almost think it would be worth it from now to just say fuck the law and do what I want to.  if I want to steal something, who cares?  I want to speed, then meh, if I want to shoot a neighbor, well, ok, I might still draw the line there, but depends on the neigh.... nah, still have to draw the line.

Anyway, the major part of this post is to say out loud, that people should mind their own business.  Keep your eyes on your own self, and not worry about what everyone else is doing.... or at least, that's as I see it.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tea Party vs teabaggers

The date was December 16, 1773.  We all know what happened, Americans descended on Boston Harbor, attacked 3 ships carrying tea, and dumped it into the Boston Harbor.  At issue was taxation without representation.  There was no one from America in Parliament, and America was pissed at it.

Now here we are in 2010, and once again America, led by none other than Sarah Palin, is again pissed at, Gosh darnit all to heck, taxation without representation.  But Gee whiz, is there really no representation doncha know?  (ok, enough with the bad Palin imitations)

I was listening to talk radio the other day, and sure enough, the tea party was up in arms over the health care bill, because they say it was passed without their representation.  Now, know where does it say, that to have fair representation in Congress, that every party has to have someone representing it.  As a matter of fact, the only thing required is that the states all have someone representing them.  And guess, what, that is exactly what we have.  Truthfully, that is what we need.  We actually need to get rid of party politics, and start voting for a person.  Once that person gets elected to office, they need to vote the conscience of the people they represent, and not what the party wants them to vote. 

This all goes back to what I said in an earlier blog, we need a revolution.  We the People, need to stand up and tell Congress to represent us, not Big Business, not lobby groups, but us.  And as for the teabaggers of the tea party, we do need to re-live the Boston Tea Party, and throw them all in the Boston Harbor.  Or at least, that's as I see it.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Death By Bully

I was in a local hamburger joint yesterday, and there was a People Magazine article there about a young college freshman that jumped off the George Washington Bridge.  The reason?  His roommate had webcammed him making out with a guy.  Then about a week later, did the same thing again.   The article went on to talk about other teenagers that had killed themselves because they were being ridiculed about being gay.  One 13 year old actually had the bullies tell him "Faggot, why don't you just kill yourself".  The article then went on to ask the question, how could we have prevented these suicides.

Well, I can tell you how we can at least start to prevent these types of tragedies.  Stop making homosexuality out to be some disease.  Stop telling and showing these young people that are trying to find themselves, that they are a lower form of life because of who they love.

Recently, here in Colorado, Ken Buck, Republican Senate Candidate, compared homosexuality to alcoholism, and while I think it is a step in the right direction to finally admit that a person doesn't choose to be homosexual, he went just a tad (read way, way) out of line.

So, here's my idea to stop the rash of young people killing themselves because they are gay.  STOP TREATING HOMOSEXUALITY LIKE A DISEASE.  Accept these people for the caring, loving people they are.  Let them live their lives and love who they want.  Quit making gay marriage out to be the death of America.  And if you live in Colorado, tell Ken Buck that his remarks and by extension, his beliefs, are not what we need in this country, by voting against him.  Or at Least, that's as I see it. 

Monday, October 25, 2010

To the idiot in the WalMart Parking lot

Ok, so it may just be my own little personal pet peeve, but there was an idiot in the WalMart parking lot.  Let me explain.

I had just pulled into my parking space, and looked up, and there was this guy driving down the wrong way to get a close parking spot.  Now this may seem like a small thing, and hardly worth my time, but this is so very dangerous. The reason being, people don't look that way, so they pull out and get hit.  Well, to be the safe minded person that I am, I went, and asked him if he knew how dangerous this was.  His response..... "You know what, I don't care"

Let's think about that for a minute.   "I don't care"  I would say this is indicative of society as a whole.  I don't care.  I am doing something that is dangerous, that could cause an accident, and could possibly hurt myself, my family, or someone else, but I don't care.  I would say this is the whole reason behind drunk driving.  I am gonna go drinking, probably get smashed, and have a great time, and then i am going to get behind the wheel of something that weighs close to a ton or more, and barrel down the street all because I don't care.  At just what point did we stop thinking about what happens to our fellow man.

I know what your thinking though.  You're sitting there reading this, saying, yeah, humanity sucks, but what can I do about it.  There is a movie out there, and if you haven't seen it, then I suggest you go watch it immediately.That movie is Pay It Forward.  Haley Joel Osment plays a young kid who's teacher gives him an assignment of coming up with an idea that will change the world.  While this is just a movie, I really wonder what would happen if we all took it to heart.  What would happen, if we all took one chance to do something for one person that would really change their life. 

Ok, so that is your assignment.  Think of one thing you can do for one person to change their life.  And then comment here and tell me about it.  And that really will be... As I see it.


Ok, so my apologies for not posting more often.  Especially the last couple of weeks.  Not to make excuses, but I got laid off 2 weeks ago, and have kind of been in the dumps.  But that is going to change.  I am pulling myself up by my bootstraps, and get going again. 

If you guys will help me get more and more readers, I will promise to post more often.  I will even do my best to put something up here every day.

Watch for the next post very soon.