Monday, September 27, 2010

Nudity in America

America, it's time to take your clothes off....

Ok, that is both literal and figurative.  We ahve a big problem with nudity in America.  We are afraid for someone to see us naked, and if they do, then they are obviously a pervert.  We have gotten to the point where, we don't even let kids shower in school together.  We are so afraid that they might be seen by someone, that we have to be extra special careful and prove to them that their bodies are something dirty and nasty.

In other cultures, say, Japan for instance.  There is a big bathtub in the house.  It is not unusual for the whole family to be in the bath tub at the same time.  Papasan, mamasan, and all the little brothers and sisters taka their baths together, and they think nothing of it, while here in America, we can't even stand the thought of going into a public bathroom, and taking a whiz, unless we are secluded away in a stall.  In the olden days, we would have just whipped it out there in the field.  Don't need to hide it son, we all got the same equipment.  So, what's the point of all this, besides me just wanting to see as many people as possible naked???

Well, I will tell you.  Our hiding doesn't end with out bodies.  We hide our emotions.  Don't let anyone see you cry.  We hide our physical ailments, don't want people to think we are weak, and on it goes.  And it will never change, not until we can drop our pants in front of someone, and not think that the world is coming to an end.  So, let's take our clothes off first, and then our masks.  Let's be candid with each other.  Then America can continue to grow, and once again be a great nation, and can once again become a super power.... or at least that's as I nakedly see it.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

No Criminal Charges in four mile fire

I was reading the news this morning, and one of the headlines was that the volunteer firefighter that is responsible for setting the boulder four mile fire will not get any criminal charges.  I guess, I should give some background first....

This is a 71 year old man, that is on the Four mile Volunteer Fire Department.  Almost a week before the blaze, he had a controlled burn at his house.  He was burning trash in a fire pit.  He put the fire out, doused it with water,  and then went on about his business.  several days later, the wind picked up, re-ignited the fire, and the rest is history.  He was actually the first person to report the fire, and then went out and fought it on the front lines, and in the process, lost his own house to the blaze.  The D.A. has found that he acted responsibly,  dousing the fire pit several times, turning the ash,, dousing the pit again.  All sounds like a good ending to a bad story.  But my question is...... why were we even contemplating criminal charges.

Apparently, the Sheriff's office had given him a citation, there was a large investigation of the fire, all to see if we could somehow pin criminal charges against someone.  Why is our first thought to punish someone?  Why can't things just happen, without us immediately thinking that someone must have broke the law for this bad thing to happen?  Let me tell you something, sometimes bad stuff happens for no other reason, than it is time for bad stuff to happen.  And many times, it is no one's fault, it just happens.

Anyway, I am glad they are not going to press charges against him.  I only hope that the people that have suffered such a great loss in the fire, can put there lives back together and move on.  Or at least, that is as I see it.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Injustice in America

So, let's face it, I love America.  I live here by choice.  But there is some stuff going on in our legal system that needs a good swift kick in the statutes.

First of all, there is the police officers.  My boyfriend Kit, got pulled over the other day for having a cracked windshield.  I got out later and looked, and there is no possible way that you could tell the windshield was cracked.  He was just a young kid driving a sports car, so they wanted to check him out.

My other boyfriend Ivan got pulled over when we had our jeep for no license plate light, and again in our Truck for the same thing.  The reason they say this is so important, is that if you rob a bank, people need to be able to read your license plate at night to report you.  Well, if I am going to rob a bank (looks at his todo list.... well not yet) then let me tell you the last thing I am gonna worry about is my freaking license plate light.

Then there is the federal judicial system, where, if you get picked up by the feds, and taken to court, you will spend at least three days in jail.  They don't have to have a reason, they just put you in for three days.  Then after that, if you think that this system has a innocent until proven guilty way of thinking.... well, you're wrong.  If you get picked up by the feds, you will be guilty until such time as they either prove it or disprove it.  You can lose all of your freedoms, all of your rights, everything, until they get around to putting you through a trial.  Chances are, you will either be put in jail, a halfway house, or home detention.  And that is until they get around to the trial.  How is that innocent until proven guilty.  Now I can understand the bond system.  A bond just guarantees that you will show up for your court date.  You show up, and whether or not you are innocent or guilty, you will get the bond released.  But more than likely that will not matter, because you will be held up somewhere until that time comes.

I think all this started during the reign of Bush, and the fact that we do not care about the constitution anymore.  That was made evident by the patriot act.  That act, basically said that we can put you away for an undisclosed amount of time, in a place where no one will know where you are at, and say that is to further Homeland Security.  I can call up the FBI and say, you know, I think that Joe Blow is a terrorist, and he will be picked up, and put away til they get enough evidence to convict him, even if he is innocent.  Now, truthfully, I do not which started first, the patriot act, or the guilty until proven guilty philosophy, but they are all part of the same mind set.  We have to protect our self, and it does not matter who's rights we step on to do it.  But it does matter. It matters because those are the principles we, as a country, were founded on.  That we can walk down the street and not be harassed by law enforcement.  That if we are suspected of committing a crime, we will be afforded all the protections that come with being an American citizen and that if we are convicted, those same protections will remain in force as we serve out or punishment.  And let me tell you, we need to get back to those days, or America will become no better than a third world country, where everyone is afraid of the government.  Or at least that is as I see it.

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Not so much a political rant this morning, we'll see....

I just wanted to say, I appreciate the people who read this thing, and even make comments on it.  I have noticed that for whatever reason, I cannot leave comments myself....  Hmmm (puts on todo list to figure out why #254,267,876,321)

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Driving and cell phones

OK, so to borrow a line from Queer as Folk, I would rather have my tongue superglued to a lesbian's twat than agree with the court system, however, I find this one law, I completely agree with.

In the State of Colorado, and probably many other places as well, it is illegal to text and drive, or use your cell phone without a headset and drive.  To me this seems to be common sense, but some people just don't get it.  I was almost ran over today by a guy in a mini van, and I looked over as he was drifting into my lane, and saw him with cell phone in hand, looking down on it.  Then he looked offended when I actually honked at him to get back into his own lane.  I mean come on, how insensitive can I be.  It was obvious that this was some matter of life or death, that had to have his immediate attention.

Now don't get me wrong, I have one of those neat new Sprint Evo phones, and I love texting, and all the other neat things I can do on it, but at least I wait until I am at a red light to glance down to see that all important "Hey" from someone I can't even remember how I met, let alone, why they are on my contact list.

So heres what I would like from everyone out there.  If you are going to not heed the advice I give, or the laws that have been set forth to keep me safe from your techno-tard ass, then at least have the common decency not to drive anywhere close to where I am.  Or at least, that's as I see it.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Part of the American dream is the ownership of property.  The idea of owning your own house, where you can do as you please, when you please, and there is no one that can tell you no.  Well, people, I am here to tell you that the American Dream is now the American nightmare.  Let me explain.

Around our house, parked on the RV pad to the side, which is behind the fence in our backyard, we have two cars.  A 1999 Crown Victoria and a 1995 Eagle Talon.  I just got notice in the mail yesterday, that in order for me to have these cars on my property, they have to be properly licensed, which means they have to be insured.  This means it is going to cost me around 150.00 to 200.00 a month to have 2 cars, legally parked on my property, behind a fence so it is out of the view of the neighbors.

Now, I am a reasonable man, and I do understand that we should have limits on some things.  I wouldn't want to live right next door to a wrecking yard.  But two cars hardly makes a wrecking yard.  I could also understand if I had a car out front, up on blocks, but that isn't happening either.  All the cars that are parked in my front yard, on the driveway, all have all four wheels on the ground.

I guess what I am saying is that the dream of property ownership has been diminished for me, because I don't feel like it is my property now.  I am just a custodian, and I have to do things the way someone else wants me to.  And it frustrates me to no end...