Monday, January 31, 2011

Following up and a question

So, life has been getting a little better. The hallucinations have stopped, and I haven't been having the headaches and weird feelings any more. I think I am finally well, or at least back to what is normal for me.

My friend is still in jail. I think this is the worst possible outcome right now, but I don't seem to be able to get anyone to do anything for him, so we wait. What really gets me, is that the federal marshals again messed with his head. He went to court again, and they revoked his bond, as no one could find another halfway house for him to go to. He had been held at the federal detention center for the time before that, but after that hearing, they didn't take him back there, they took him to the county jail, as it has a psychiatric unit. Well, that might have been ok, except, they didn't let him call anyone for two days, and not even his attorney knew where he was. And not until today, did he get to see any psychologists or anyone. Doesn't seem to me like they were doing anything about his mental state. They put him on a new medicine called respiritol (sp?) and while it may be a good medicine, one of the side effects, is that it makes one very tired. I know this because I have another friend that is on it. We will see how it helps.

I am still looking for work, or something that will bring in money, as unemployment just doesn't quite pay the bills.

So, on to the question. If I was to make this an actual web page, would you people that are following me be willing to follow me over to there? I am thinking I may be able to get a little more exposure, and maybe put a link to paypal where people could make little donations if they see fit. The site will always be free, and I don't want anyone to feel like they have to donate, but it would be nice. I would promise to at least try to post more frequently. Thank you all for all your support so far, and please keep reading and telling your friends about it.

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