Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Today had been a wierd day

There is going to be very little social ramification, there will be little socio politico ramifications, the day was just strange. Let me explain, about 2.5 weeks ago, I was driving down the street, and was trying to talk to Ivan, and the words just weren't coming out the end that's make sound while doing while anything that didn't sound like gobbeldy gook came out the noise end,,,, (phew how do those hill folk talk like this). Anyway, to make a long folk story shorter, I had viral meningitis, and was blacked out for three days. Well early this morning, I had kind of a relapse. I was having all sorts of hallucinations, and sound, and it was just weird. So, I should be back to my old self in a time, but in the mean time, if you see me walking down the street talking to myself, but it will all blow over soon.

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