Friday, May 13, 2011


So my friend who has been facing court got sentenced today. He got 100 months in jail and lifetime probation.

I find this reprehensible. He would have got less time if he had actually molested someone.

The judge said he showed no remorse until now, but that simply isn't true. He got physically ill the day he read the charges. He said how much he regretted what he did, and how he wondered how the actual people in the images were doing, and yet the judge ruled that no one really wondered about the victims.

I have to wonder about the judicial system that after he says how sorry he is, says he hasn't considered the victims.

I feel the judicial system has failed. I find that the judge did not really consider his statement. I find that judge reallt did not consider all the facts, ad that he had a ruling long before he even got up to say a word.

Life stinks, and so does the judge.

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