Tuesday, May 10, 2011

So, here is the outcome of Court

Well, I finished up my case yesterday and had to laugh, which I will tell you at the end of this post.

First of all, I won the argument of whether or not to have the doctor testify. The prosecutor said I did not give notice to have an expert witness. However the judge ruled, that although I may not have filed a notice, that because the reason we did not finish last time was because the doctor could not appear, then the prosecutor had notice.

I also made the prosecutor look like a moron as he kept pushing the fact I had opiates in my urine. Although even the lab results said it was probably given to me in the ambulance. And the doctor even said that it could cause the behavior, it could not have caused the lab results, which would also cause the behavior. It was nice to note that all the witnesses, even the ones for the defense said there was something wrong with me. So at the end of the day, the judge really could not see that I was of sound mind.

So the result was, I was found guilty of careless driving, illegally crossing the median and driving without insurance. I was found not guilty of resisting arrest and obstructing an officer. I had to pay 485.00 in fines, and 12 points on my license. The part that made me laugh, is I would have plead guilty to that at the beginning and took the fines and points if they hadn't tried to keep pushing the probation. So I took two days of the court and prosecutor's time, to get exactly what they could have had without the fight, if they had just thought about it.

Oh well, there is our legal system at work.... or at least that is how I see it now.

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