Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Gay Marriage

So, I have been following the gay marriage / proposition 8 debate for a while now.  Since I want to marry my partner of over 10 years, I figure this has many ramifications to my life.

I noticed that one of the arguments that the conservatives have against gay marriage is that it is harmful to heterosexual reproduction.  Well let me say, your argument does not hold water.

First of all, for it to harm reproduction, it has to have an effect on reproduction, or the people involved.  Since, in my experience with the gay culture, none of these people would be reproducing anyway....  HOW EXACTLY DOES THAT EFFECT REPRODUCTION????

I mean, come on now.  Even if I am never allowed to marry my wonderful partner, I would not be reproducing anyway.  I don't like girls that way.  I seriously doubt I could even get an erection to happen with a girl.  So how does that effect reproduction.

Maybe they are all just afraid that if we allow gay marriage, then all the straight people will suddenly become gay and no one would be procreating.  Since I seriously doubt that would happen, they have nothing to worry about.

Or maybe, they are all afraid that if we allow gay marriage, then God would come down and strike us dead for allowing such things to go on.  Well, if he hasn't done it yet, I doubt that letting us marry would cause it.  And since some of the most atrocities committed nowdays are committed in His name, well you get the point.
Anyway, I think we should all live and let live, and not worry about what someone else is doing.  At least, that is how I see it.

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