Thursday, August 19, 2010

Revolt in America

OK, so I may get a lot of flack over this, and I may make a lot of people mad.  But I have thinking about this for quite some time, and I think it may be time for a Revolution.

Don't get me wrong, I love America, and I am proud to be an American.  But geesh, enough of the political bullshit that is ruining this great country.  Let me explain though why I think it is time.

We were founded on the basic premise of government by the people and for the people.  But that isn't what is happening.  We have government by the party for the party, whichever party seems to be in office.  The very basic freedoms that we hold dear, are continually at stake.  Basic principals such as gun ownership are being used as soapboxes for both sides.  One party touting that we hold the right to have as many guns as we want, and the other side pushing for laws to infringe upon that freedom.  This is not how our government was supposed to work.

Government was supposed to be individual freedom above all.  The federal government was to have very little to do with our daily lives, and instead focus on the nations interaction with other nations.  Then the State governments were to focus on one states interaction with other states, and finally local governments focus on our interaction with other people.  What we have is the federal government trying to be all up in our faces over health care, gay marriage, gun ownership, and the list goes on and on.  We as individuals send a lot of money to Washington in the form of taxes, and they can't even do their jobs right.  If I did my job as poorly as the federal government... well the state would be supporting me in the form of unemployment.

So, what do we do.... let me say I am not yet ready for a violent revolution, although it may come to that someday.  Right now, we need to fight for our freedoms, and look for candidates for office, that will say fuck you to the party and vote what the people want.  With that said, I did vote for Obama last time, and will probably vote for him again, but I think he is letting us down, and not in the way the republicans think.  I don't believe he is pushing us towards socialism, but he is letting us down.

So Rise up Mr and Mrs America.  Let's run candidates that are not rich, that can't afford to run million dollar campaigns, but know what you and I go through every day.  Only then, will this country again become a nation by the people, for the people.  Or at least, that's as I see it.


  1. 99.999% of the time revolution and overthrow of government results in a dictatorship by those with more guns. American Revolution was a historical fluke, at best. Plus vast majority of those rallying for freedom are at the same time advocating decidedly anti-freedom ideas, such as bans on gays and abortion, forcing religion, religious studies, and theocracy into our public venues and lives, and lately even supporting the repeal of certain parts of our constitution, such as 14th and 5th amendments.
    I think the main problem in our country is fear. Fear of gays, blacks, feminists, atheists, immigrants, muslims, and scary feds. No democrats in house or senate have advocated for restriction of gun rights, yet the fear that people's guns will be taken away is higher than ever. Muslims existed in America since slaves were brought here, and mosques have been in NY near ground zero since before the twin towers were constructed, yet suddenly Muslims are a threat. Illegal immigration to US has been rapidly declining in the last two years due to bad economy, yet suddenly Mexicans are an extreme threat. And the federal budget and spending deficits have been running rampant since Reagan, and were even supported when he and Bush were in office, but now they are suddenly a grave threat to our country, too? This isn't even considering the stupid non-issues like "War on Christmas" or gay adoption. I don't think the government itself is the problem. I think it's the people who use fear and divisive issues to either get ratings or get elected that are the problem. They create fake issues that distract people from the real problems of this country, and then, ironically, proudly proclaim "Freedom and Liberty!" while holding the population hostage with their fears and lies.
    After 9/11, when similar things were happening, despite the "these colors don't run" bumper stickers and all the macho chauvinism, I said that it seems like we are a nation of cowards. Ten years later, the only thing that changed is that we are apparently a nation of stupid cowards.

  2. but the government is the issue, Rassah. more and more laws passed each year. the federal government going way beyond what it was supposed to do. some of it good, but most of it bad. and Democrats have been notoriously anti gun for several years.

    anyways the Frenchrevolution, was that a fluke?