Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Driving and cell phones

OK, so to borrow a line from Queer as Folk, I would rather have my tongue superglued to a lesbian's twat than agree with the court system, however, I find this one law, I completely agree with.

In the State of Colorado, and probably many other places as well, it is illegal to text and drive, or use your cell phone without a headset and drive.  To me this seems to be common sense, but some people just don't get it.  I was almost ran over today by a guy in a mini van, and I looked over as he was drifting into my lane, and saw him with cell phone in hand, looking down on it.  Then he looked offended when I actually honked at him to get back into his own lane.  I mean come on, how insensitive can I be.  It was obvious that this was some matter of life or death, that had to have his immediate attention.

Now don't get me wrong, I have one of those neat new Sprint Evo phones, and I love texting, and all the other neat things I can do on it, but at least I wait until I am at a red light to glance down to see that all important "Hey" from someone I can't even remember how I met, let alone, why they are on my contact list.

So heres what I would like from everyone out there.  If you are going to not heed the advice I give, or the laws that have been set forth to keep me safe from your techno-tard ass, then at least have the common decency not to drive anywhere close to where I am.  Or at least, that's as I see it.

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  1. I agree sort of. I mean, I've had a good number of people drift into my lane, or going 35 in a 55 or any number of other things because of their attention on a cellphone.

    Texting? Absolutely not. Should not be allowed while driving under any circumstances.

    Talking on a cellphone? Some people can handle it, some can't. So easy solution there. I drive with one hand regardless - it's my normal mode of operation. When I'm talking on a cellphone, it's with the hand I don't normally drive with, and the talking, for me, there's no more distraction than talking to a person sitting in the passenger seat. I do all my head checks, make my signaled lane changes, and drive all my normal speeds, cellphone or not.

    Now, if I was doing more than just talking, like beginning a new call, or whatever, that's different. My time to call my parents is Friday evening in the car and we talk for a half hour to 40 minutes until I hit a pre-known dead zone. I start the call while I'm stopped, and end it by simply flipping it shut and putting it in a cup holder, never taking my eyes or attention off the road or anyone who is around me.

    So the blanket, no talking... I can't see it, or else they might as well tell you to not talk to anyone in the car for potentially taking attention away from driving.