Monday, September 27, 2010

Nudity in America

America, it's time to take your clothes off....

Ok, that is both literal and figurative.  We ahve a big problem with nudity in America.  We are afraid for someone to see us naked, and if they do, then they are obviously a pervert.  We have gotten to the point where, we don't even let kids shower in school together.  We are so afraid that they might be seen by someone, that we have to be extra special careful and prove to them that their bodies are something dirty and nasty.

In other cultures, say, Japan for instance.  There is a big bathtub in the house.  It is not unusual for the whole family to be in the bath tub at the same time.  Papasan, mamasan, and all the little brothers and sisters taka their baths together, and they think nothing of it, while here in America, we can't even stand the thought of going into a public bathroom, and taking a whiz, unless we are secluded away in a stall.  In the olden days, we would have just whipped it out there in the field.  Don't need to hide it son, we all got the same equipment.  So, what's the point of all this, besides me just wanting to see as many people as possible naked???

Well, I will tell you.  Our hiding doesn't end with out bodies.  We hide our emotions.  Don't let anyone see you cry.  We hide our physical ailments, don't want people to think we are weak, and on it goes.  And it will never change, not until we can drop our pants in front of someone, and not think that the world is coming to an end.  So, let's take our clothes off first, and then our masks.  Let's be candid with each other.  Then America can continue to grow, and once again be a great nation, and can once again become a super power.... or at least that's as I nakedly see it.


  1. It all stems from USA's ingrained homophobia. All of it. The big baggy pants replacing skimpy hot pants, the keep-at-arm's-lengths friendships that at most may have fist bumps instead of hugs, the lack of communication out of fear of being seen as a pansy. America's homophobia is biting it on the ass. Yay karma.

  2. I love being nude. I am an avid nudist in my own home. But, except for when it's very late at night, I'm much too scared to go outside for fear that, heaven forbid, somebody should see me and I'm suddenly branded a sexual pervert.

  3. Who are you kidding, we're all a bunch of perverts. We hide our bodies from each other because we know that if the next guy see's he (or she) will judge and might desire and then who knows what might happen to us. We both fear and long for intimacy; in other words, we're neurotic perverts.