Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Death By Bully

I was in a local hamburger joint yesterday, and there was a People Magazine article there about a young college freshman that jumped off the George Washington Bridge.  The reason?  His roommate had webcammed him making out with a guy.  Then about a week later, did the same thing again.   The article went on to talk about other teenagers that had killed themselves because they were being ridiculed about being gay.  One 13 year old actually had the bullies tell him "Faggot, why don't you just kill yourself".  The article then went on to ask the question, how could we have prevented these suicides.

Well, I can tell you how we can at least start to prevent these types of tragedies.  Stop making homosexuality out to be some disease.  Stop telling and showing these young people that are trying to find themselves, that they are a lower form of life because of who they love.

Recently, here in Colorado, Ken Buck, Republican Senate Candidate, compared homosexuality to alcoholism, and while I think it is a step in the right direction to finally admit that a person doesn't choose to be homosexual, he went just a tad (read way, way) out of line.

So, here's my idea to stop the rash of young people killing themselves because they are gay.  STOP TREATING HOMOSEXUALITY LIKE A DISEASE.  Accept these people for the caring, loving people they are.  Let them live their lives and love who they want.  Quit making gay marriage out to be the death of America.  And if you live in Colorado, tell Ken Buck that his remarks and by extension, his beliefs, are not what we need in this country, by voting against him.  Or at Least, that's as I see it. 

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