Thursday, October 28, 2010

Following the Rules

Let me just say..... I am tired of following the fucking rules.

Arvada is mad at me, because I have unlicensed vehicles in my yard.  They are not detracting from the property, as a matter of fact, 2 of them cannot even be seen unless you enter my yard.  But now I have to go to a hearing to tell them why my property isn't a nuisence.

Then to top it off, one of my neighbors has decided they have something against me.  So every Thursday I get a visit from the local police department.  The first one was to tell me I had gone onto their driveway, and looked in their garage.  I didn't, but omg,. is that the worst thing someone could do to you???  Apparently not, because today the Police came back to the house.  This time, they said I was peaking in the windows and took some bicycles. So I had the opportunity to walk through the house with an Arvada Police Officer showing him that I am not a thief.  That I do not have their fucking bicycles, and I would never steal someone's property.  Well... I almost think it would be worth it from now to just say fuck the law and do what I want to.  if I want to steal something, who cares?  I want to speed, then meh, if I want to shoot a neighbor, well, ok, I might still draw the line there, but depends on the neigh.... nah, still have to draw the line.

Anyway, the major part of this post is to say out loud, that people should mind their own business.  Keep your eyes on your own self, and not worry about what everyone else is doing.... or at least, that's as I see it.

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