Sunday, April 10, 2011

Birthdays Suck

I have not got to spend any time with anyone on their birthday this year, and no one wanted to spend time with me on mine.

On Ivan's birthday, I was unconscious. That sucked, but yeah, I wasn't able to call or text or for that matter even remember that it was his birthday.

My birthday, We had no money and no car, and Pet's paypal account had been hacked, so he had no access to his money, so he couldn't even afford gas to come over, not to mention that I had court the next day on my accident, and I had just figured out that I had missed the court date on one ticket. I ended up sitting in the bath tub feeling sorry for myself.

Pet's birthday, he went and spent with another guy, and then his family. I got to see him the next day, and had a party for him, but I just wasn't important enough to spend his actual birthday on.

And now Kit was in Virginia for his birthday, and it was bad enough that I didn't get to see him, but every time I tried to all him he was busy. Our longest conversation was 7 minutes, and we didn't talk for over 20 minutes the entire day. And he did exactly what I said he would do earlier in the day, We had a couple of planned phone calls, his would be first, then mine. I said he would tell me after my call that he was tired and was going to bed. He said no he would talk to me, well during my other call he texted me that he was going to lay down and would call me in a bit. I finally called him at 11:00 his time, and no answer, he called back, asked if I called, I said yes, we were going to chat, but you wanted to lay down. Oh I was watching a movie, now I am tired and going to bed. So I don't even know what he did for his birthday....

Birthday's at least this year, suck.

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