Thursday, April 7, 2011

A fun post

So I am usually pretty serious here, and I apologize for not updating recently. I have been going through an extreme bout of depression, and I will post about that next. I just thought I would give you guys a little bit of fun here and tell you some of the great rumors that have been spreading about me.

1. I had sex with ever male professor at CU Denver. This may be my all time favorite. I have never been to CU Denver, and don't know any male professors there.

2. I had sex with everyone at RMFC last year. Ok, guys, I know I am good, but geesh... Truthfully I did have sex at RMFC, with 5 people.

3. I have a drawer full of "Property of Kahuki" pet tags for making people into my pets. I have had three pets in my life. The first left me for a guy I introduced him to, the second became a boyfriend, and the third is still my pet. I wish I knew where that drawer was, cause I keep promising my current pet I will get him a tag.

4. While drunk and in the hot tub at RMFC, I molested a minor. OK, that one kind of hurt. It was a back stabbing effort to get me to resign as MAAC CEO. Let me just put it this way, even if I did what I was accused of, and I did talk to the person who accused me, it wasn't molestation, and he wasn't a minor. I was never, NEVER drunk in the hot tub and I do have witnesses to that fact, and in fact, I did not nibble on this guys neck. He is straight, and I am very considerate of straight guys, I will flirt, but that it is. No touching, and no nibbling their necks, or anything.

So that is the top four rumors that are being spread about me. I wish my life was even a quarter as interesting as the rumors that go around about me.

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