Thursday, February 3, 2011

Economy in America

So, I was reading the news this morning. I know, will miracles never cease, but as I was reading the news, I saw that the economy in America is on the rise. The Dow Jones is on the rise, Corporate profits are on the rise. They even tell us that unemployment rates are down. All is well on the western front. Well if all is well on the western front, then why do I know so many people that are still unemployed. Why are there not a flood of jobs out there? Why are there such a flood of foreclosures. Why are people still struggling to make ends meet. Well I have a philosophy.

IF our leaders tell us that the economy is approving, then we feel better about them. You see, our economic feel good, makes us feel our leaders are doing a good job. But are they? Are we really doing good or is it just a smoke screen? They tell us that there are fewer people on unemployment than there were last year. Is that because people have found jobs, or because people have come to the end their unemployment and now have no money coming in?

I say we tell our leaders that we want clear and concise numbers. We want to know how many people are actually unemployed, and how many people got jobs. How many new companies are out there, and how much we financed for them to get started. How many people have lost their houses because they were not able to find meaningful employment?

Let's also talk about the health care part of this. Obamacare is now passed, and fairly soon we are told that we have to have health care, and that if our employers cannot or will not provide that healthcare, then we have to provide it for ourselves. Now let's think about this, we have hundreds of thousands of unemployed people, that may not even be able to provide the very basics of life, food, shelter, clothing for very much longer, and now, they have, not need, have to provide for their own healthcare. What kind of idiots do we have that think that this could be on the top of our to-do list. Yes, we need healthcare, but how the bloody hell do we put that above our food and housing?

Let's get the numbers straight, and lets provide for the basic necessities that make our lives livable, then we can say our economy is on the upswing.... or at least that's as I see it now.

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