Monday, February 7, 2011

Is it my property or not

So tomorrow afternoon I have to appear in Arvada Municipal court to show cause why I should not be charged the rest of the fine in my code violation case for not cleaning my yard up as soon as they wanted me too.

So let's get this straight. They want to charge me 600.00 for having an axle in my back yard and some weeds. Not a lot of weeds, just a couple growing in the back yard. So now the City of Arvada is allowed to come into my back yard, which should be an extension of my private property, and tell me what I can have laying around, and what I can't. It was bad enough that they could tell me I can't have vehicles on my property that are not licensed, now I can't have parts in my enclosed back yard, because that violates the code.

Oh, and to even make it more reprehensible, the code enforcement nazi told me that if I have a flat tire on my care, she can immediately tow it away as a non-operable vehicle. I have to make sure my tires have air in them every morning, or I won't have a vehicle, and I will then have to pay to get it out of impound and brought back to my house. What utter shit is this, pardon the language.

What is next? Are they going to be allowed to come into my house and tell me I have to clean my kitchen up. Oh wait, there are clothes on the bedroom floor, I guess they will be able to tell me I have to pick them up, or I will be liable for the city to come into my house and pick up my clothes for me. I have to ask myself, if they can come and look into my back yard and tell me I have to clean this up and that up, then what is to stop them from coming into my house. That same property rights that say my house is mine, also says my backyard is mine, and yet they are allowed to tell me how to keep it.

I think it is about time that we as a city, county, state, and nation tell our elected officials that they need to keep their noses out of our property, and start taking care of our other needs, or we need to get rid of them. Oh and btw, we are also required in Arvada to shovel the snow off our sidewalks. This morning when I was walking to the bus stop, I had to walk through the snow all the way that should have been the city's responsibility to shovel, and yet they didn't. Shouldn't they be required to follow the same rules that they make us follow? I wonder if I went to the city maintenance yard, how many non-operable vehicles I would find there, and yet, they are allowed to stay there. It just doesn't seem fair, or at least, that is as I see it now.....


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